Explaining navigation on college and university websites

Sometimes, you need a way to explain the importance of navigation on college and university websites. Those who aren’t working in website world, as in the leaders who are executive sponsors, may not understand the conventions and the benefits of information architecture done right. I hope you’ll use the advice that follows to educate andContinue reading “Explaining navigation on college and university websites”

Web Governance: Use the influence of individuals to turn the plan into action.

Web governance is what allows your team to turn the corner from thinking about the website as a project to instead sustaining and enhancing it every day. After your web governance plan is in place, you need people to implement it. Don’t underestimate the influence of the individuals who take the plan from its consensus-formedContinue reading “Web Governance: Use the influence of individuals to turn the plan into action.”

Web Governance: What’s in it for them?

The goal is sustainability. Too often, we find ourselves approaching a website like a project, never turning the corner after a redesign. Never putting in place a structure that will ensure individual web pages on your site are current and accurate next week, next month, and two years from whenever. If you are still approaching yourContinue reading “Web Governance: What’s in it for them?”

Website Governance: Still crazy after all these years

Let’s talk about some old times…the first time I thought about web governance was pre-Y2K. Twenty years later, people still ask me to advise on the right elements for a web governance plan. Have we made progress? Sure. Do we still struggle with similar challenges in website management? Uh huh. All these years later, webContinue reading “Website Governance: Still crazy after all these years”

Web Governance: How do you get the right kind of feedback from your advisory committee?

One element typical of web governance frameworks in higher ed is a website advisory committee. If you are a digital professional on a campus, you may be facing challenges from a committee that is unwieldy, slow to act, or focused on the lengthy discussions needed to get to consensus decision making. Getting timely and usefulContinue reading “Web Governance: How do you get the right kind of feedback from your advisory committee?”

Do you need a website advisory committee?

Who owns your website? A simple question that prompts many more: Who sets your editorial direction? Who controls access to your CMS? Who do you go to when you need a microsite? Who decides what goes on your homepage? The best website governance models answer these questions by offering the right balance of oversight andContinue reading “Do you need a website advisory committee?”