It’s Not About Print Versus Web. It’s About Reinforcing a Consistent Message.

Do conversations on your campus still revolve around print versus web? At mStoner we believe that print and web are key elements of an effective marketing strategy. First, let’s summarize the facts: We do need both. We can use the web to make our print work better. I’m going to take a stand. The moreContinue reading “It’s Not About Print Versus Web. It’s About Reinforcing a Consistent Message.”

Parents in your audience gateways?

Parents typically show up in the list of audience gateway pages on most .edu websites, right alongside prospective students, current students, and faculty and staff. Before social media, an audience gateway like this one for parents at the University at Albany were the extent of communication with parents. You created a web page with convenientContinue reading “Parents in your audience gateways?”

Beware of monsters: lead with brand-based content.

I worked on a campus for many, many years and that experience combined with my work as a higher education consultant have helped me understand the critical connection between brand strategy and content strategy. Content is the best way to deliver on brand strategy and fuel your marketing tactics. Back in July, Disney Pixar releasedContinue reading “Beware of monsters: lead with brand-based content.”

Admissions Sites: These Caught My Eye

During the past couple of years, I’ve been a judge for CASE, UCDA and CASE District VIII. One of the benefits of serving on judging panels is you get the chance to see some incredible work from talented people on campuses around the country. Really, there’s a lot of good higher ed admissions stuff outContinue reading “Admissions Sites: These Caught My Eye”

Social Media Integration: Post-Webinar Q&A #connectSMdots

Last week, during two webinar presentations of Connect Your Own Dots, more than 132 of us mused about social media integration and best practices. There was some lively back-channel conversation on #connectSMdots and I also promised some follow-up items for webinar attendees. So, here goes… BACKGROUND ON THE WEBINAR AND THE SLIDE DECK We knowContinue reading “Social Media Integration: Post-Webinar Q&A #connectSMdots”

Are you free December 4 or 6 at 2PM? Join me for a webinar? #connectSMdots

I’ll be hosting a webinar for mStoner on Tuesday, December 4 at 2:00PM Eastern (sold out) and again on Thursday, December 6 at 2:00PM Eastern. Connect Your Own Dots: Social Media Integration as a Best Practice for Marketing and Communications will be a conversation about social media as a powerful tool within your marketing and communications toolbox.Continue reading “Are you free December 4 or 6 at 2PM? Join me for a webinar? #connectSMdots”

If you want the answers, you have to ask the questions.

Simply put, your website should offer what your customers need. To get answers about what customers want, you have to ask them what they want. Ta-da!! This even works in higher ed. In fact, you might say it’s easier since your customers are right there on campus with you. Go stand in your university centerContinue reading “If you want the answers, you have to ask the questions.”

My husband gave me a purple cow for Christmas.

As a Christmas present, Larry gave me Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow. I’ve followed Seth Godin’s blog for years so I’m looking forward to reading this book. In a nutshell, I think the book is about creating spectacular brands. During my first glance at the summary on the (purple!) book jacket, I was reminded ofContinue reading “My husband gave me a purple cow for Christmas.”

Code name Thunderpuppy.

For the past nine weeks, I’ve been working on a super secret project at mStoner. Under the code name Thunderpuppy, we were planning an out-of-this-world experience for higher ed professionals. Last night, we hosted an event to celebrate 10 years in business for mStoner. We purposely planned this to coincide with the AMA Conference andContinue reading “Code name Thunderpuppy.”