Great City, Great University, Great Website

In late 2016, Tulane University launched a new website. When people think of Tulane, they think of New Orleans. Take a closer look, and you’ll find an institution deeply connected to its city and a university with public service in its DNA. The new site is a fresh, distinct, and highly usable representation of this top-rankedContinue reading “Great City, Great University, Great Website”

The Marcom Team at Saint Louis University Walked the Talk

mStoner has an office in St. Louis. So when an RFI for a website redesign at Saint Louis University hit our inbox, we were pumped. We work six miles from campus! Three people on the mStoner team are SLU alums! We got the project — right here in St. Louis. In late April 2015, we started ourContinue reading “The Marcom Team at Saint Louis University Walked the Talk”

It’s Not About Print Versus Web. It’s About Reinforcing a Consistent Message.

Do conversations on your campus still revolve around print versus web? At mStoner we believe that print and web are key elements of an effective marketing strategy. First, let’s summarize the facts: We do need both. We can use the web to make our print work better. I’m going to take a stand. The moreContinue reading “It’s Not About Print Versus Web. It’s About Reinforcing a Consistent Message.”

Higher Ed Website Redesigns: The less fun and perhaps uncomfortable parts

It’s easy to write a blog post about a website launch. There’s the expected excitement about something new and wonderful. And let’s face it, finishing a campus-wide redesign project brings a certain kind of euphoria that almost anyone is willing to write about. At launch, everyone celebrates the victory. After all, “Success has many fathersContinue reading “Higher Ed Website Redesigns: The less fun and perhaps uncomfortable parts”

Another audience for your higher ed brand?

Let’s face it: your integrated communication strategy already requires you to communicate across many platforms with a large number of audiences. Your magazine, website, social channels, email campaigns, viewbook, and more are your opportunities to connect with prospective students, parents, donors, alumni, legislators, current students…and the list of audiences goes on. Frankly, the work isContinue reading “Another audience for your higher ed brand?”

Research Landing Pages: Take Two

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about research landing pages on university websites. As background for that blog post, I visited the websites of many large, research-focused universities, including Georgia Tech. I was drawn to (and shared) some compelling copy from Georgia Tech’s Research landing page. At the time, I didn’t know Georgia TechContinue reading “Research Landing Pages: Take Two”

Research Landing Pages on University Websites

I did some research on research landing pages. Why? Because Research is typically the topic of a top-level landing page on most university sites, and I wanted to get a sense of the content strategy for these pages. You may already know that Carnegie classifies 108 universities as having very high research activity (RU/VH). I lookedContinue reading “Research Landing Pages on University Websites”

What about you and the leaders you meet?

The fact is, when you have a job, you are going to run into bad leaders. Why? Because leadership is difficult. Even for those with natural leadership ability, it is not easy. As the saying goes, “People quit their bosses, not their jobs.” In earlier posts, I wrote about two extremes of leadership: the goodContinue reading “What about you and the leaders you meet?”

Do you know a good leader when you see one?

My earlier post identified leadership as the good, the bad, and you. I wrote about six behaviors typical of bad leaders. While the opposite of my six observations of the bad are a place to start, there will be no getting off easy for me. Here are my top six qualities of good leaders. YouContinue reading “Do you know a good leader when you see one?”

Exceptional Communication? Designers front and center!

As a strategy consultant for higher education, I visit a lot of campuses and talk to many individuals in senior leadership roles. In conversation, campus executives ask for advice about how to strengthen their brand and engage more effectively with key audiences. Usually, the leadership team already recognizes design as an important component of aContinue reading “Exceptional Communication? Designers front and center!”