Resilience and the Right Path

You can’t use the internet in a given day without reading the word “resilience.” Tweets and LinkedIn posts regularly remind us that we should seek to develop it, claiming resilience is the key to a happy and productive career. Not only that, modern life demands it!

A year ago, I wrote a blog post called, “Are you managing your career?” I was, and I did. When mStoner eliminated their strategy practice and three of us lost our jobs, I was able to quickly begin a job search. And, with the intensity and passion I’m know for, I resiliently pursued a new type of work – fundraising. I happily returned to William & Mary to accept a position in corporate and foundation relations. In the year that followed, I gained skills and applied my expertise to raising funds for an institution I know and love so well.

Calling on my resilience, I adapted – I soaked up knowledge I needed to begin work as a fundraiser. The fundraising metrics set for me twelve months ago demonstrate I’ve been successful. Still, I know this job is not right for me.

When we are resilient, we allow ourselves to see when the fit isn’t there. After a lot of thought and reflection, I know that although I can do this type of work, I would rather do something else. Following a four-week notice, tomorrow will be my last day working as director of corporate and foundation relations at William & Mary.

I’ll never really leave William & Mary. After all, I’ve worked on this campus for a total of 23 years. My husband, Larry, is on the faculty and our son, Jack, is a 2010 alumnus. We have, and always will, root for the Alma Mater of a Nation.

What’s next for me? Independent consulting. I can:

  • Write copy for anything – proposals, websites, blogs, social media, email, print…
  • Develop plans for large, complex projects with high stakes and many moving parts.
  • Write strategies and plans for communications, marketing and branding.
  • Consult on governance and organizational development.
  • Facilitate focus groups, and lead professional development sessions and workshops.
  • Develop information architecture for websites and recommend a sustainable model for web content.
  • Conduct audits and assessments of process, organizational units and more.
  • Be intrigued by a project you have that suits my skills and experience.


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