Today’s a day for “mushiness” on all my social platforms.

Unless you are a Facebook friend, you might not get the reference in my title. I posted something mushy about the amazing man I married there. Here, I turn to website launches as the next victim for my emotion today.

This morning, The American University of Paris relaunched their website. I led the mStoner team on this project and I am incredibly proud of the work we did with the AUP team. Look for more on the topic of this partnership in a future mStoner blog post. [Update: a post Greg Zguta and I wrote about the AUP website for the mStoner blog.] For now, just bask in the glory of AUP’s new site. I’ll be smiling all day because of it.

Five years ago today, I was sitting with the team at William & Mary doing what AUP did this morning (different time zones, same champagne). At 11:38AM on July 31, 2008, we relaunched so I understand how the AUP team feels right now. Hard work that pays off is one of the best things that can happen in a day. My opportunity to work on the William & Mary website is a standout when I look back on my career and work life. I hope you all experience that feeling, more than once.

I now say to the AUP team what I said to the William & Mary team at 11:40AM, “Stop! We are all going to stop checking links and reading email for one minute and celebrate. We did great work and I want us to stop for a moment and cherish that.” We did. And, I still do.


Author: susantevans

Susan T. Evans is director of corporate and foundations relations at the College of William & Mary. She is a proven strategic leader with deep expertise in advancement, communications, brand management, marketing, digital strategy, technology, administration and organizational development. She is known for creative and strategic approaches to challenges within higher education, nonprofits and business.

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