Webinar Recording Available for “Strategy Leads to Success”

In case you missed it, we recorded our recent webinar, Inspired by the Cheshire Cat: Strategy leads to success.

We all want exceptional communications for our campuses, right? The fact is, if you want to be successful, you can’t just do some stuff and hope for the best. Where you want to end up matters.

In reality, strategy is difficult. It takes time. It includes risk. It requires decisions. I hope the webinar provides a few useful tips for your campus communication strategy. Here are a few spoilers from the recording:

  • I went on 16 campus tours when my children were looking at colleges. It was at that point that I realized how similar our messages to prospective students are.
  • We sound a bit like Charlie Brown’s teacher when we talk about ourselves. It’s hard to distinguish our messages from those of other colleges and universities.
  • Strategy is not the phase you skip because you’ve waited so long to start the project.
  • Just because it worked for the school down the street doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. #nocookiecutter
  • Strategy is about understanding your brand.

Webinar Recording

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