I am at the #UCDA Design Summit this week.

I’m fortunate enough to be at the UCDA Design Summit again this year. With a theme of “Empowered Designer,” Christine Prado, Dave DeCaro, and the fine folks @UCDA are hosting a super conference.

My first presentation here, “Designing for Small Screens: It’s not just about the technology,” was inspired by some great thinking from my colleague Doug Gapinski and many other higher ed leaders. Responsive web design is certainly “the new black” and the topic is pervasive here in Asheville. The focus of my presentation was the mobile context: what do we need to know and what to we need to explain about mobile on our campuses? I see empowered designers as advocates; as people who will need to educate senior leaders about the right strategy for the mobile web.

Later this morning, I’m on tap for a presentation called “Who’s Zoomin Who? Making it work with external partners.” I’ll talk about my experiences on campus hiring consultants and, now, on the other side being hired by higher ed. Don’t worry, mStoner clients, I never name names. The focus of this session is getting the most out of a client/consultant relationship. The hashtag for the UCDA Design Summit is #UCDA. I’ll tweet out a link to the slide deck I used for Who’s Zoomin’ Who? (Here’s the link to the “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” slides.)

More on both topics:

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