There was some déjà vu involved. Kindred spirits about a web relaunch.

During 2012, one of the projects I’ve been leading is a web redesign for Webster University. Working with Patrick Powers, the project lead on the Webster campus, was filled with many déjà vu moments for me. As the Webster team inched closer to the October 16 launch of the new Webster site, my mind turned back to 2008 when, like Patrick, I was working madly on a similar project.

Frankly, our work on the Webster relaunch was a highlight for me in 2012 and it’s meant a lot to me to do the kindred spirit thing with Patrick. More than once, I went back to the re.web blog that chronicled the similar web relaunch project at William & Mary. As I clicked through those old posts about launch communication or migration tips, I realized how much the re.web blog is like a personal diary for me.

I wrote a post for the mStoner blog that includes the Q&A I did with Patrick Powers shortly after the new Webster site launched. I especially enjoyed writing this because it brings things full circle for me. About four years ago, Voltaire Miran interviewed me for the mStoner blog. One last time, déjà vu.

Webster will always have a special place in my heart since it is the first start-to-finish website relaunch that I’ve done while working as a consultant.

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