Mobile + Social = Social + Mobile

Call it mobile if you want. But really, it’s about small screens. Yes, your iPhone always goes along with you when you’re mobile. But even when you’re not—going anywhere that is—you’re likely to use a small tablet or smartphone to stay connected with friends and brands. Smartphones are with you at the gym and at home on your back deck. The first point is that mobile devices are used when you’re not mobile at all.

So what are we doing on the road and at home with these mobile devices? We’re using social apps. Facebook announced recently that 50% of its traffic comes from mobile devices. The expansive use of mobile for social engagement is certainly clear from this recent comScore Report. Second point? Your mobile strategy should have a social media strategy layer.

What does the connection between social and mobile mean for those of us responsible for marketing and communications? It means we should think about ways to incorporate the channels and platforms most often used on mobile devices into our communication planning! It means that your mobile strategy should include delivering traditional website content and investing in social content.

Knowing where our audience is—on mobile devices using social media apps—we should continue to explore ways to enhance social properties, making them more engaging and useful to alumni, parents, prospective students and the internal community. Why? Because they will notice your Tweet with a home game score even if they are miles from campus. And, while standing in line at the movie theatre, they might click through from your post to read news about your latest rankings or watch a video.

These may seem obvious but taking advantage of the mobile + social opportunity includes:

  • Making your social icons easy to find if I visit your homepage on my phone.
  • Allowing me to “share” the news story or event I find during mobile browsing.
  • Exploring options like Instragram for photography (an all-time favorite type of social content)

Don’t forget about mobile + social for on campus events. Use hashtags for photos and fill your photo streams with #homecoming or #football shots sourced from the crowd. Or, use your Twitter stream to remind alumni that #movein day is here. It’s never been more convenient for your audience to experience your content. Make it count!

Let us know how you are leveraging the mobile and social connection on your campus. Send me your examples.

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