On day one of #casesmc we crowdsourced the opening session.

CASE Social Media and CommunityI’m in Chicago right now and we are well into day one of the CASE Social Media and Community Conference. I’m joined by 156 of the most passionate social media professionals in education. So, yes, it seemed only fitting to “crowdsource” the opening session. Earlier today, we kicked off #casesmc with a panel of our faculty and speakers responding to five crazy questions I wrote:

  1. If you were traveling against your will to another planet, and could only bring one social media tool with you, which one would you bring and why? And, while you’re thinking about your answer, there’s one caveat, you can’t bring Facebook.
  2. What is the craziest comment you’ve heard about social media from a highly paid senior executive?
  3. If you were the handler for Charlie Sheen (or Lindsay Lohan or some other in need of help celebrity), how would you have used social tools to quickly improve their public image?
  4. Please complete this sentence and feel free to use fiction for your response. If I could _____, my school’s Twitter feed would be a CASE Circle of Excellence award winner in a new category called, “The Most Unexpected Use for Social Media.”
  5. Pretend you are the Wizard of Oz and you have the power to do anything. What is the one thing you would want people who use social media to stop doing? What one social media practice would you ban forever from the Emerald City?

Halfway through the session, I checked in on the back channel and asked the audience to share their favorite tweets (so far) from the opening session.

One tweet:

We even used the audience to wrap up the panel. I called on them to summarize what they’d heard and to share any ideas they were already planning to try on their own campuses. They did! (Not really a surprise from a social media crowd.)

For an even deeper dive into audience participation, we gave everyone at the conference the chance to answer any of the five questions we asked our panelists.

One answer:

Follow the #casesmc hashtag for the rest of the week for more from social media rock stars taking over #Chicago.

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