Never been. But this year, I’m going. #casesmc #chicago

I knew there was a CASE Social Media and Community Conference. I remember seeing some tweets about it. Seems like I first recall hearing about it via @rachelreuben. That was back before I met her live and in person.

I’m super thrilled to announce that, this year, I’m serving as the conference chair for the 2012 #casesmc

For the past several weeks, I’ve been working with Jen Lichty at CASE to identify faculty and speakers for this event. I’m pretty excited about the program we’ve put together. It starts with a Social Media 101 pre-conference session designed to orient social media newbies just in time for the the conference that follows. The conference sessions and keynotes will be varied, on point, and useful. (I promise to do my best on that commitment!)

It’s not too early to register for this Chicago event to be held on April 18 – 20. While you’re looking at the 2012 #casesmc website, check out the list of faculty and speakers. I think we’ve pulled together some of the most experienced and expert thought leaders within the social media discipline. I hope you agree.

Just in case you’re not convinced, here are the official benefits of attending:

  • For the social media novice, you’ll receive a practical orientation to the most widely used social media platforms. Get comfortable getting started.
  • For the more experienced social media professional, you’ll engage (face-to-face) with respected educational leaders and be inspired by some of our advanced sessions.
  • We’ll discuss the results of the third CASE/mStoner/Slover-Linnett survey on the use of social media in advancement.
  • You’ll discover how educational institutions are tracking, assessing, and evaluating the effectiveness of social media channels.

Did you plan to get more social in 2012? Then join me in Chicago. Counting down. Just 13 weeks to go.

3 thoughts on “Never been. But this year, I’m going. #casesmc #chicago

  1. are you still looking for speakers? Scott Westerman at Michigan State would be phenomenal. He’s the director of their Alumni Services, who have used social media in a huge way way as a tool to build alumni connections. I’ll happily make the introduction!

  2. Hi Terry, Actually, we have wrapped up the list of speakers. But, I’m always interested in social media especially for alumni stuff. So, I’m following @msuscottw. Wouldn’t mind an introduction though … Go Green, have I got that right?
    Hope to see you around the ‘burg soon, Susan

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