Code name Thunderpuppy.

For the past nine weeks, I’ve been working on a super secret project at mStoner. Under the code name Thunderpuppy, we were planning an out-of-this-world experience for higher ed professionals.

Last night, we hosted an event to celebrate 10 years in business for mStoner. We purposely planned this to coincide with the AMA Conference and we promised the invited guests that we’d have a big announcement.

Thunderpuppy = EDUniverse

EDUniverse is a website that connects higher ed marketers, social media strategists, designers and other professionals with resources —and each other. Thanks to Mallory Wood, we had a fun video introduction to show at the event.

You’ll find a lot of detail about EDUniverse on the mStoner blog. Check it out.

The EDUniverse press kit is available here.


Author: susantevans

Susan T. Evans is director of corporate and foundations relations at the College of William & Mary. She is a proven strategic leader with deep expertise in advancement, communications, brand management, marketing, digital strategy, technology, administration and organizational development. She is known for creative and strategic approaches to challenges within higher education, nonprofits and business.

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