Medium = Message (true since 1964)

My colleague Andrea Sardone, chief marketing officer for the William & Mary School of Business is one of my favorite people. This week she forwarded a link to a July 29 New York Times piece by Virginia Heffernan. As usual, the stuff Andrea sends on is dynamite.

This Opinionater post, entitled When Shilling on the Web, Think Small, confirms what Marshall McLuhan made clear in 1964, the medium is the message.

Here’s a bit from the piece to intrigue you to read the rest:

What difference does it make if you don’t craft a message with its medium in mind? A world of difference.

Communication professionals in higher education struggle to provide the right advice and direction to departments and programs that just want video, any kind of video. I know firsthand the challenges of explaining the disadvantages and risks of six minutes of poorly-lit talking heads. Still, we have to do it. It’s our job to make the case for message. It’s our job to patiently protect the delicate ecosystem of what you have to say and how you say it from campus stakeholders who don’t yet get it.

Remind yourself. I am.

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