Communication trumps technology.

I love technology. But usually not for it’s own sake. Never been a gadget lover; but show me a technology that makes my life easier, I’m there.

I worked in IT at William & Mary for 12 years. What I most enjoyed during those years were large-scale projects with a complicated communication component. Finding a way to personalize the technology or explaining the benefits of a campus-wide technology change were particularly satisfying challenges for me.

Last month, I wrote a piece for EDUCAUSE Review. It appears in the March/April issue.

“Mobile Matters: Communication Trumps Technology”

Again, I found myself focusing on the communication opportunity that new and evolving technologies bring. As I drafted the piece about mobile strategy for EDUCAUSE Review, I emphasized the needs and expectations of customers. There are always a lot of choices and decisions to be made during campus-wide projects. I find that the task of “explaining why” you are are doing it the way you are will clarify what matters most.

One thought on “Communication trumps technology.

  1. susan,

    we’re developing our own mobile strategy and your perspective is extremely valuable. we’re especially receptive to the phased based approach, which makes it much more feasible and realistic.

    however, we’re looking more towards an integrated approach versus a separate destination. some key landing pages will be different (the homepage, obviously, and landing pages for each section), but we’re trying to share the same content as much as possible.

    a lot of mobile principals are good for desktop users, too. people have goals, and want to get it done as soon as possible. mobile only exemplifies that and makes us focus more than ever…

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