I’m not a designer and I try hard not to impersonate one.

#10 in my series of Lessons Learned blog posts
It doesn’t matter what color I like; furthermore, it doesn’t matter what I think of the design.

I’m not a designer. I review and approve a lot of designs but I try hard not to impersonate a professional designer. My team often hears me say, “It doesn’t matter what I think. What do Joel, Cindy and Justin think?”

Don’t get me wrong, there are colors I like and I even have design preferences that are based on experience. But when I lead a creative effort, the success comes from professionally designed concepts grounded in what we know about the preferences of target audiences.

I went to a super session at the fall conference of the College Communicators Association of Virginia and D.C. Virginia Tech’s Melissa Richards and Roanoke College’s Blair Garland co-facilitated a session about using audience personas for more effective writing (and marketing). During his segment of the presentation, Blair made a statement that stuck:

Personal opinions, while interesting, are irrelevant; what matters is the perception of the target audience.

I think Blair’s on to something.

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